Borderlands Now Cel-Shaded?

Borderlands Guide writes: Those active on the forums know that some major stuff has gone down in the past 24 hours. First, came word that Gearbox has broken their long silence on Borderlands and is sharing details in an upcoming issue of PC Gamer.

Second came this image (thanks JohnnyMac). Although there's no confirmation, the general consensus here and on the official Gearbox forums is that it is of Borderlands. I e-mailed Gearbox tonight to hopefully get some info.

The pic looks legit but comes as a shock. It's a radically different style than we've seen before. Previous screenshots depicted a gritty, rugged gameworld. The alleged new one is less realistic and more stylized. Reads a caption on the image: "Looks like a panel from a comic book. It's, in fact, a screenshot."

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Lanontscuz3541d ago

it does not look too cartoony then im ok with it....ill be looking up different reviews still before i buy the game anyways ! all i want is a lot of quest and skill points !!!!

ZuperAmazingCooKie3541d ago

They're probably pulling a Too Human or a Haze here. The game has taken so long to develop and yet they're doing some radical changes this late in the generation. Either current-gen consoles didn't live up to their expectations or they didn't know how to pull their final vision or their budget was limited so they had to take an "easy" way out.

Let's hope the game is good regardless of its graphics. 500,000 guns FTW

Tito Jackson3541d ago

You ever watch that show Lost? I feel like Desmond. I keep having these amazingly-lucid deja vu moments, and the comment you just made triggered another one. I knew you were gonna talk about HAZE and TOO HUMAN somehow. I know what you were gonna say, word for word. F#cking weird.

lowcarb3541d ago

Yeah that lost is a great show along with Battle Star. Hopefully Harpers Island will be the next great island show airing tonight at 10 on cbs and doesn't come off to generic.

Freak of Nature3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

It is mentioned that it will be "gritty cell shading"...

I think they are looking to avoid being just another generic brown/gray grunge fest...

If done right,more like a "illustrative style" like the recent POP had,it will bring a more stylish unique element...

I think the "mad max" feel and grittyness can still be retained.

Check this shot out at NEOGAF......It's the 5th post down....It looks like the new look,and if this is legit,I am sold........

ThanatosDMC3540d ago

I wonder if it's to balance being gimped... so they could put more content or other stuff happening during the game...?

Being cel-shaded would let developers "skip" on detailed textures such as walls, rocks, ground, etc.

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Pennywise3541d ago

Cel Shading has its place, but if it is this game just went from on my radar to a stealth bomber nowhere to be seen.

Statix3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Cel-shading, and 2D cel animation in general, does indeed have its place. Have you seen movies like Akira, Heavy Metal, and Iron Giant?

Pennywise3540d ago

Cel shading is great for movies and stuff.... I just got turned off playing PoP... Thought it was a cheap way out of good graphics. The artistic side of it is beautiful, but I just didnt feel the depth like you should of felt with PoP.

Cenobia3540d ago

Honestly this game just came back on my radar. Before this it sounded like a big gimmick.

'It has thousands of weapons!!!'

....okay then. I don't believe that they'll be unique in any way. Just random parts put together with mathematics instead of being uniquely designed.

Cell shading means they can push the environments further. PoP had gorgeous scenery with awesome backgrounds thanks to the cell shaded graphics and look.

Maybe this game is just going to be bigger now. I guess we'll find out if it works soon enough.

Tony P3541d ago

Well, that's strange. The screens released thus far didn't look that bad to me, but I guess they want to stand out.

Statix3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

If this is true, then I'm extremely excited by the concept of this shift in aesthetics. I'm a fan of anime and traditional 2D cel animation, and I've long thought that videogames (shooters in particular) could use a lot more creativity in their artistic approach than just the conventional Unreal-Engine-3-inspired "shiny and bumpy," post-apocalypse setting that we've seen a hundred times in a hundred other shooters already. We already have Gears, we already have Killzone, we already have Fallout, we already have UT (I can go on and on...); why do we need yet ANOTHER shooter that follows that same vein of graphical style, again and again and again?

For me, this game just elevated from eliciting my usual apathy for "yet another war/apocalyptic shooter," to something that really stands out and that I'm really anticipating to see more of--if only to see how it all turns out for the moment.

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