Champions Online: The Bleak Ones

New information on Champions Online's villains, The Bleak Ones, has emerged.

Based in the Sunken City of Lemuria, The Bleak Ones watch in glee as the Lemurians have slowly lost their powers and then their land, after turning their backs on their creators:

"They howled in rage when the Lemurians turned from them to worship false gods. They exacted revenge and publicly tortured the soul of the false prophet upon his death. They laughed to see their Lemurian children lose the ability to change shape. They delighted to watch Lemuria sink into the sea amidst fire and chaos. They have waited, and hungered for thousands of years, as the Lemurians strove for immortality."

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Maticus3456d ago

Yay, more Champions News! Any idea when the beta is going live?

Leord3456d ago

Haha, one of those looks like a Murloc from WoW!

Maticus3456d ago

Oh my god, you're right! Blatant.

Malfurion3456d ago

You look a bit like a Murloc yourself Leord...

Fyzzu3456d ago

Overtones of R'lyeh and Deep Ones?

Cogo3456d ago

I actually played the game this is based off.

Leord3456d ago

Cool. Was it any good?

Malfurion3456d ago

Looks like this underwater part is gonna be pretty big.

Leord3456d ago

Yeah, so how does non-water-breathing creatures take part of this content? =P

Malfurion3456d ago

Don't know, I read that superheroes can't use their powers underwater :S

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