Fatal Frame/Project Zero 4 Not Coming To Europe

IncGamers contacted Tecmo, who confirmed that the horror sequel will not be making its debut on Wii in Europe.

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Fyzzu3387d ago

Ugh shame. Knew it wasn't hitting North America but I love this series, was really hoping for a European release :/

Leord3387d ago

Yeah, a bummer, really. I wonder why?

animboo3387d ago

you and your danm shenanigans, i love how you hate us your many shovelware but you cant release a decent core games, wtf..

Bnet3433387d ago

Wow ... how can you release the first three on PS2 and not even bother putting part 4 on PS3? I seriously hate this man. I don't care if it's coming to NA or not, it's on the phucking Wii. If it was on PS3 it doesn't matter since it's region free.

SaiyanFury3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Damn it, this is one game I was actually planning to play on my wife's Wii. Too bad. Oh well, Keisuke Kikuchi's not doing it anyways, so I doubt the quality would've been as high as the PS2 games.

Fyzzu3386d ago

The region encoding on the Wii isn't particularly strong and there are plenty of simple, legal work-arounds as is. I'd look into importing it myself were it not that the game's in Japanese. I was really looking forward to this, though; the control system looked really novel.

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Leord3387d ago

This is one of the reasons why piracy became big in the first place. Getting games you could not otherwise get your hands on...

ChickeyCantor3387d ago

Sounds weird and i dont really like the idea of piracy, but when its not comming out in other are they actually loosing money on it if we were never meant to be playing it in the first place?

Its japanese though, so no poin in burning it to a Disc

Conan9973387d ago

opportunity costs

no loss in actual money but the loss of money of not doing an action.

thetamer3387d ago

So it's only a Japanese release?

Fyzzu3387d ago

Aye, it's been out in Japan for ages. I wondered what'd been taking it so long :(

Gun_Senshi3387d ago

Best Horror game series!

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The story is too old to be commented.