WipEout HD patch 1.30 will crash your PlayStation 3

PS3Hype writes: 'Sony has just released a new patch for WipEout HD. Patch 1.30 will add some new stuff to the game. But when you download the patch, your PS3 will crash every time when it is loading the savedata from the game on your PS3. So the best solution is to plug out your internet connection when you want to play WipEout HD (if you don't downloaded the patch already).'

How to fix?
Before you start the game just sign out from the PlayStation Network. When you do this and you start the game, this time you will get trought the loading screen. When the game is started up, you can press the PS button to sign in to the PSN again.

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DarK-SilV3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Here is how to work around it guys. Thanks to Mazyx on the official Blog for part of the solution. If you signout of the PSN before loading up the game you can get by the loading screen. YOu can then sign on to the network if you go online and no issues. Then if you change your settings or something that requires a auto system save the save file will be updated and then the freezing should stop. I quit the game and started it up again logged into PSN this time no issues

taken from

try this

1. Sign out of the PSN.
2. Launch the game.
3. Choose "Online" from the main menu, letting it sign you in to the PSN.
4. Acknowledge the release notes for the 1.30 patch.
5. Wait for the game to auto-save.

After that, you should be golden.

Cwalat3537d ago

Cool that there is a way to work around these bugs, but nonetheless this is just pure BS.

If this continues they'll have everyone frightened of patches and no one will download them.

-EvoAnubis-3537d ago

Dude. It happens. Everyone knows this. It'll get fixed, as it always does. Relax.

GamerPS3603537d ago

but, you shouldn't have to do stuff like that.

thor3537d ago

The problem is loading the save file. I tried going on a seperate user account without a previous save and it loaded up fine.

The additions are well worth the slight inconvenience when you load it up, so just download it and get playing! I'm not sure how I managed it but it must have been because it didn't have time to sign me in or something. Anyway it worked fine and it's great to see people online again.

prunchess3537d ago

I was just about to delete the game data and re-download the game. Couldn't believe when it crashed last night! A fix is on the way I'm sure.

Cwalat3537d ago

evoanubis -

if these "patch will brake your console" articles start popping up constantly every time, don't you think gamers will get scared of downloading them?

-EvoAnubis-3534d ago

I don't recall there being any console breaking game patch. I recall a single FW update out of dozens that had reported issues (and a quick Sony response), but I recall no game updates. Care to refresh my memory?

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Peppy la Moca3537d ago

but i think the patch might have messed with my arcade perfect trophy. last night before getting the patch...i only needed to complete sebenco climb reverse for the trophy. today i was able to complete it after downloading the patch and having it freeze on the load screen three times. after completing sebenco, i received no trophy. and although there is no way of checking to see which tracks i actually placed first on, i'm very sure i did all of them since you are forced to in campaign for the forward ones and i repeated them in racebox again and i know i got all the reverse ones too. sux too cause it's the last trophy i need.

Conan9973537d ago

damn man, that sucks so back, i hate that that theres no way to tell if you've done it on elite or not.

Apocwhen3537d ago

Isn' this the second time this game caused crashes. From what I remember the initial release used to crash too for having more that 50 friends on the PSN list.

Maybe I'll hold off a little before downloading the patch to see if the patch gets patched.

Bren863537d ago

I'm not downloading the patch at all. I think some decent DLC will sway me back to playing wipeout hd again.

njd823537d ago

I did it, got into an online game, left wipeout and then came back to it, sure enough i get pass the loading screen but now it cant go online and instead gives me a message that says "the update failed, please try again"

Not good at all.

Redempteur3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Don't log in psn , launch the game , go to online , sign up psn , accept the 1.30 changes and it's done !

if it doesn't work , then start the game on another session , another account ON YOUR PS3 if the game launch , then wait for the new patch

IF the game doesn't launch , then delete it and redownload everything except the first unlock key ( keep your save file )

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