R.I.P Atari Corp

When you look up the words originator and classic in the dictionary, you will probably see a picture of an Atari. Its without question that Atari corp is what Run-Dmc was to hip hop. From the arcades to the game consoles, Atari has played a major role in the evolution of video games. Unfortunately with their current roster of games, they are unable to fabricate the same success as they once did. These days it seems as if Atari is trying to find their place in the gaming world. With competition from Capcom (Street Fighter 4), Ubisoft(Assassins Creed 2), and of course Sony Entertainment(Killzone 2), its very understandable how difficult it is to compete. But with their current titles it seems as if Atari isn't even trying.

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r2deuce3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Atari needs some new and fresh IP's

Shadowolf3538d ago

Atari does have their work cut out for them. However, it appears Phil Harrison has been laying down the law trying to get things in order. Hopefully Atari can rebound from all in-house re-positioning and truly focus on developing and publishing some hits. I'm personally looking forward to the new Ghostbusters game.

Marty83703538d ago

They should give them the next gen treatment.

Elven63537d ago

They sold most of them, Midway actually owns the second original Atari so perhaps when Atari gets the cash they could buy them back?