IGN: 3D Hunting Trophy Whitetail iPhone Review

IGN writes: "MachineWorks Northwest and Hands-On Mobile want you to get your hands bloody in the woods. Instead of hunting aliens or Nazi thugs, though, this iPhone shooter puts deer in your sights. Based on the popular 3D Hunting franchise, 3D Hunting Trophy Whitetail Championship 2009 for the iPhone is a realistic outdoors game for serious enthusiasts.

But what if you're not into hunting at all, like me? Even though I am not an avid sportsman, I can appreciate craftsmanship and this game really takes a big step forward to providing a legit hunting game to play when you cannot be out in the forests, tracking deer and taking down game. The primary quarry in the game is deer with appearances from caribou, elk and bear. In fact, the latter are a real threat in the game that should be avoided -- although if you have excellent aim, you can take down a grizzly and add it to your trophy room."

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