GameTrailers TV Episode 208 Reggie Promo

It has been stated a few times over that Thursday night's episode of GameTrailers TV bring Nintendo fans a new Punch-Out!! trailer. On top of that, however, there are apparently a few more surprises in store.

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Maxned3536d ago

This is going to be a great episode. Bioshock 2 and Wii Exclusive. Zelda please.

ChickeyCantor3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

he would go like:
" NOW, we at nintendo heard lots of complaints about lack of traditional game.So we bring you Wii-sports resort. I'ts litterally a day at the beach"
And then shows off the game with more footage than last yeaar...

xD As much as i love Zelda, why are people always wanting zelda? They have amuch bigger library.
Zelda on DS, i want that one, so i think for now that will do, as long they announce F-ZERO >_<.
Track editor please!

Gun_Senshi3536d ago

don't you wanna punch it?

LiL T3536d ago

punch, kick, throw a shoe at....

hotrider123536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

nintendo would come out with more games than the crap they have now.
wiifit & sport not going to make me buy a wii, some re-made classic games would do the trick for me. double dragon, contra,kid Icarus,Donkey Kong country,earthworm Jim, Gradius,Rampart,F-zero,space invader,BuBsy,Dracula,captain America and the Avengers,Darius twins, Drakkhen, phalanx,TmnT back in time,

where are all those games reggie???? huh??

ChickeyCantor3536d ago

Half those games arent even from Nintendo what kind of drugs are you using?

Next to wii-sports there was Metroid, Zelda, Galaxy, SSBB.
Does it become more official? that "gamers" hardly look into the library of Nintendo( im just talking about Nintendo here not third party developers).

Unless you talk about VC's.
But thats also partially up to the owners of those games.

But you said "re-makes", so no...drugs ? and where can i get it?

Maxned3536d ago

I would KILL for a Donkey Kong Country 4 on WiiWare/Wii.

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live2play3536d ago

I WANT F ZERO AND PLEASE PLEASE!!! I BEG YOU dont make it casual and slower for the casuals to be able to 'play against a veteran'

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