Ten classic mistakes made by the modern RPG

If you love RPGs, as Destructoid does, you've likely played quite a few of them in your time. Even fans of the genre know that it suffers from a lot of cliche and repetition -- finding one with a decent story, characters that you haven't seen a hundred times before and a truly fun experience to offer can seem really daunting sometimes. For some reason, it didn't seem that way ten years ago to me. Has the RPG truly evolved thanks to technological advancements, or is it actually just stagnating?

While playing recent RPGs for review, it occured to me that if developers want to improve on the formula, there are some glaring errors that really should have been fixed by now. You know, things that make a game obviously less than fun to play. Some are just minor irritants, while others are annoying enough to make you want to chuck the controller out the window.

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N4Sony3541d ago

Yes, voice-acting and cutscenes are....questionable. But it's all about the gameplay with this one.

Only saying this cuz yet again, look at the story pic. Come on people!? I wonder if White Knight Chronicles is going to get this same treatment? Hope not, I'm looking quite forward to it!