Nintendo DSi: Best and Worst

When Nintendo rolled out the DS Lite in 2006, it was a drastic upgrade from the original DS. The clunky DS was transformed into a sleek, iPod-style device -- with a slimmer profile and brighter screens -- and the device started showing up in the hands of kids and adults everywhere. Over the next few years, the system sold roughly 76 million worldwide, blowing away Nintendo's Wii, Sony's PSP, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 in sales.

The new Nintendo DSi, in stores on April 5, isn't such a drastic redesign, but has a few clever enhancements -- two cameras and downloadable games via Wi-Fi -- that make it a lust-worthy gadget. But should you spend the $170 for the upgrade?

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live2play3538d ago

dsiware is going to take off just like wiiware did my first download was art style AQUIA (DOWNLOAD IT NOW SERIOUSLY!!!) im waiting on dr mario, and Vicarious Visions, oh HEY NINTENDO WHERE IS MY MOVING MEMO thing bring it out already. oh and once you get your hands on the dsi you cant take them off the vids and pics dont do it justice,oh yea and FIRST nah im kidding can you imagine

AAACE53538d ago

Very cool indeed. I like it better than the DS lite. I just can't wait for the games that will take advantage of the extra power the DSi has in it.

cyrus2283537d ago

battery dies way to freakin fast, its annoying, dies faster than my psp and thats odd cuz my dslite lasted longer than the psp.