Daily Mail: Dad Finds Ecstacy Pills In Second Hand GTA4

A father-of-two was horrified to discover four ecstasy pills hidden inside a computer game he bought from a High Street chain store.

The father says he got the game from a GameStation store, but the copy shown in the photo actually has a Blockbuster sticker. You make your minds up!

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KionicWarlord2223450d ago

i knew this game was mature,but ecstasy? lol

STEVIE_3450d ago

This guy looks like a junkie.

Andronix3449d ago

Reminds me of that crappy joke:- A diner at a restaurant calls out "Waiter, waiter there's a fly in my soup" the waiter conspiratorially runs over to him and says "Ssshuch, stop boasting or everyone will want one!"

I don't know why the dad called the police, he should have tried to sell them. He could have made around £15 quid which could have gone towards the cost of buying his son another game, what a bad father.

40cal3449d ago

He needs to just eat them and stop complaining. LOL

Dino3449d ago

this jackass let his 12 yr old kid play a mature only game.

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Sonyslave33450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

lol the drugs probably belong to his brother he probably grab his brother copy of gta 4.

d0nT wOrrY3450d ago

or, he probably Fixme180 fanboy who get mad of no games to play and start to deals with pills hahaha

Deadman643449d ago

ya your both pretty wierd

GUNS N SWORDS3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

it's probably cause of the dudes this kid's been hanging out with, i mean how else did he manage to obtain the drugs with out any accomplices. (i was asked 10 times to smoke out when i was at some guy's place, when i was 17, i rejected all of them btw :)

i think this guy should eventually give his son "the talk" :)

Spolodaface3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

You said "no"? If I was offered free weed i'd be jumping for joy.

christian hour3449d ago

Me too! Nothing wrong with a bit of free herb! Sure beats that poisonous alcohol crap everyone seems to find acceptable to some degree. Got myself some nice quality northern lights. Anyones welcome to join me for a smoke if they can find me :P

Neo6043450d ago

doing crime while on x.

squidyj3450d ago

that guy looks a little haggard if you ask me, i'm not sure i trust him.

edhe3449d ago

Never mind him,

Don't trust the publication.

That 'branch' of the media do nothing but demonise and sensationalise.

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