20° reviews Flower

Josh Rai writes: Flower is fun, beautiful, and unique. It was enjoyable from start to finish, and I will go back to it to replay a level to cool down from a long session of gaming. Flower is not for everyone, some won't like it because they want to shoot stuff and some won't like it because it is artsy. However it is an experience that will be loved by many and can be loved by anyone no mater their gaming tendencies.

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Xandet3538d ago

For some reason, I still can't find myself justifying spending $10 on it. I'm sure it would be worth it, but.. I'll probably just end up waiting for the inevitable "limited time" discount somewhere down the line.

Rmagnus3538d ago

u can find 5 friends to share it with you i suppose. Its actually kinda short i finished it in 1 sitting but its a beautiful game and i felt its $10 well spent. Let the reviewer said after a couple of rounds of KZ2 or SF4... its great to just sit there and relax as u "fly" with the wind in flower. The night stage was just amazing!!!

Serjikal_Strike3538d ago

dont wait to play it...go buy it now