New Darkest of Days footage; game due out this fall for Xbox 360, PC

New footage of PhantomEFX's genre bending, time traveling FPS Darkest of Days has surfaced, it has been revealed that the game will arrive sometime this fall, currently releasing on the PC and Xbox 360.

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N4PS3G3456d ago

Looks interesting..but the video quality is poor :S

HD link would help :)

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OhReginald3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )


dazzalfc3456d ago

Dont mean to be an ass, but is anybody else feel that there a maybe a few too many First Person Shooters out there?

Hope it turns out good, but i'd absolutely love to see more games that aren't FPS

DelbertGrady3456d ago

All the different settings look interesting. If they pull it off it might make for some great variation.

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The story is too old to be commented.