Reserving inFamous at GameStop nets you an exclusive power

Destructoid: "Out of all the PlayStation 3-exclusive games coming out this year, inFamous is shaping up to be one of my most anticipated.

While we're still months away from the game's launch in June, GameStop is already letting us know that you aren't going to be pre-ordering elsewhere if you want to have all of Cole McGrath's powers."

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Lotard33538d ago

That sounds pretty awesome. Hope it's available at some point for people who don't pre-order the game at Gamestop.

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ash_divine3538d ago

did you even read the article?

AntoineDcoolette3538d ago

F*ck Gamestop why do they get all the great pre-order bonuses? I hate supporting their business but sometimes if a game I want comes with something like this... -_-

pain777pas3538d ago

I don't like this kind of incentive really!

pixelsword3538d ago

to walk into any Gamestop in the game and overhear incompetent gamestop employees telling people how the PS3 has no games.

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Voozi3538d ago

The power is pretty cool, but pretty dumb it's only at Gamestop, since I buy all my games from Best Buy (I stopped going to GS a long time ago lol)

- Ghost of Sparta -3538d ago

I hate shopping there too but I refuse to miss out on this.

-EvoAnubis-3538d ago

Fortunately, this isn't a power that's a huge deal to me. I can live without it. Besides, I'm sure there will be other ways of getting it, by hook or by crook.

Voozi3538d ago

Yea most likely Evo, heck wouldn't be surprised if they'll do like they did with KZ2 demo codes & Home, send some inFamous guys into Home to give out the "power codes" which if that's the case then won't need to get it @ GS haha

CoxMulder3538d ago

If us europeans are missing out on this, I'm personally starting a riot!

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callahan093538d ago

Hell yeah, I'll definitely pick this up at GameStop in that case.

I have nothing against GameStop, but I don't buy their used products. If I buy it new from them, it supports the developer... but, used: it supports GameStop, not the developer. GameStop's a fine place to procure your gaming goods so long as you buy it new!

JOEdANGEL3538d ago

Nah, they still suck as they only stock games based on number of pre-orders, and they'll constantly hound you to pre-order other games. I stick to the net or a larger retailer.

callahan093538d ago

Well, you're right. I never shop at GameStop for reasons like that, too. They never have a better price than you can find if you look hard enough online. They often have low supplies. It absolutely infuriates me with their "gutting" policy (selling opened games as new). BUT: When they offer a deal like this, I have no fundamental problem with the store and I'll buy the game from them because they're offering me something that I can't get anywhere else, and in this case it's something that actually sounds like something I want.

Xulap3538d ago

I already have it pre-ordered at GameStop.

I win. :-)

nightelfmohawk3538d ago

So if I want this extra power, I have to buy an opened "new" game from Gamestop? If this is true, I may end up passing on this game. I love buying used games from Gamestop, but I'll never buy a new game from Gamestop if it's not sealed.

XxRoosterxX3538d ago

if you pre order it, you get a brand new SEALED game. I've done it many times before.

So have at it!!!!!!

nightelfmohawk3538d ago

hmm, if that's true, I guess I'll do it, but I'm still waiting to see what Amazon offers.

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