Resident Evil 5 DLC: is it worth the price?

Capcom announced that the add-on content for their newest release, Resident Evil 5, will be coming to the PSN on April 7th for the price of $4.99. It will include two game types: a versus co-op mode called Slayers, and a competitive mode called Survivors. This will be Resident Evil's first attempt at online multiplayer and it has been receiving its fair share of opinions.

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Serjikal_Strike3511d ago

but I paid the $5 for it'll give me some more trophies!

Blaze9293511d ago

its only $5 dollars sheesh. Worth the price? its FIVE dollars, big whoop. Worth it or not, no one is gonna cry over $5 if you have $5 to spend on DLC in the first place.

snaz273511d ago

is there 3 other people to play with yet? lol... and i like trophies as much as the next man but i wouldnt pay 5 quid for some... and besides if you support this kind of rip-off dlc you do realise you will only get more of it dont you?

Serjikal_Strike3511d ago

but if I can afford to keep buying games as well as dlc...I wanna buy them...but if I'm broke and dont have the cash to spend then i'm not paying for it
With that said I dont mind paying for it..but I know lots of people do mind

N4Sony3511d ago

isn't worth it to start with. Maybe if it cost $4.99 to buy the full thing and this DLC was free....I'd consider it. Garbage controls ruined this one.

George Sears3511d ago

I could buy some weed with 5 bucks. Hell no.