IGN: Tenchu: Shadow Assassins Review

IGN review Tenchu: Shadow Assassins:

"The PSP version of Shadow Assassins has scored lower than its nearly- identical Wii predecessor -- content-wise, the two are the same -- for a couple of reasons. First, it obviously doesn't look quite as good as the big-screen version, running in 480p. Second, there are newfound load times before, between and after levels that really break the momentum. And third, you lose something when you go from the gesture-based controls to the analog stick, particularly where duel mode is concerned.

Still, though, Tenchu is a fun PSP effort so long as you think of it as an all-new take on the franchise. The levels you play through are self- contained puzzles and not wide-open ninja-filled action-fests. If you prefer stealth to pure swordplay, you'll surely appreciate this approach."

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Zeus Lee3537d ago

Not a bad score for Tenchu.

celldomceen13536d ago

seems like a step in the right direction for a series that has been walking in circles for the last few years.

xabmol3536d ago

We need to stick a fork in this franchise. It's done.

I say innovate and polish or move on.

shadow-sentinel3536d ago

I agree. This franchise needs to die already. Sadly, I think there is going to be fifth game.

As a Tenchu fan, I'm gonna say this game was the worst out of all of them. I hate the new gameplay, dialogue and plot. I'm glad I didn't spend any money on the PSP version.

SaiyanFury3536d ago

I love the Tenchu series, have since the first game back in the 90s. I actually like the PSP version better than the Wii version, simply because the controls work better. A lot of times the Wiimote wouldn't respond when I went to attack a guard, and when it wouldn't register, the guard would turn around and see me. On the PSP I don't have that issue. Frankly, I think the game looks the same on the PSP as on the Wii. Tenchu Wii doesn't run in 480p it runs in 480i, and quite frankly, looks quite blurry on a 61" HDTV like mine. Both versions are great however, I just prefer the PSP because the graphics don't look as blurry on screen and the controls are more simplified.

3536d ago