Gaming Age: Six Flags Fun Park Review

Gaming Age writes:

"When I started playing Six Flags Fun Park (SFFP) my expectations were extremely low. I recently reviewed 30 Great Games for the Wii, which was one of the worst games I have ever played, and I thought SFFP was going to be in the same category. I admit I was wrong. While not the greatest game in the world, I have enjoyed playing this game. Maybe it was my expectation of failure or the unhealed wounds left by 30 Great Games. In any case, I think the mini games are somewhat fun and the story line and associated endless mini quests were passable, at worst and even occasionally entertaining. If it wasn't for the mini game's controls and the redundancy of the mini games (a large amount of the games are just re-branded versions of the other mini games) SFFP would have received a pretty good score."

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