Corsair 256GB SSD is super fast

Not to be outdone, Corsair has just announced their latest SSD offering, that's sure to blow their earlier 2.5-inch 128GB model out of the water. This time around, it's a 256GB SSD, but the storage space is really only part of the story.

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Kushan3535d ago

"So, just how much will a SSD with such an impressive performance speed go for these days? Apparently, $749 is the asking price. Once your eyes settle back into their sockets, you can start saving your pennies."

Considering this is one of the high-end SSDs out there, I'd say that's actually fairly cheap. Prices are definitely coming down, I can't wait until drives like this are less than $100 (probably only a couple of years away).

GamerPS3603535d ago

ouch the price. I can make a pc that can run crysis on normal setting with that money.

Magna Farta3535d ago

I think DMC4 on PS3 would install in about 2 minutes with this bad boy in it....Too bad I could buy 2 PS3's and a 360 for the price.

Ju3534d ago

Ignoring the price, I still would like to see what that speed would do to PS3 games, not just the install. 200MB/sec is a nice number compared to what HDDs do these days. Also, I'd like to see the seek speeds not just transfer. I'm totally happy with the 7200rpm upgrade compared to the original 5400, this should add way more. Well, yeah, then again, the price...


More Storage = Faster Reading

Leio3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

And 7 times the price but not even anywhere near 2 times faster = no deal

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