This . is . SACKBOY

Maggie is at it again! This time with a cute sackboy renditions of King Leonidas, Reno from FF7 and Teen Wolf. Each Sackboy looks so carefully done. Each have their own removable costumed parts.

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squee3539d ago

my favorite part is the leonidas beard

Voozi3539d ago

Loving the Reno Sackboy, that one's my favorite :D

I'd totally buy it if the creator made a FFVII set of Sackboys cause those look real good imo

Fullish3539d ago

Haha so awesome, sackboy is becoming a meme.

chrisjc3539d ago

Hahah wow. I love everything having to do with Sackboy!

Lucreto3539d ago

Looking at the Reno one makes me want the Final Fantasy pack even more.