Gamers. Take The iPhone Seriously.

There are a number of gamers that simply will not accept the iPhone as a legitimate gaming device, one capable of competing with the DS or the PSP. There are certainly debates to be had regarding the battery life and the lack of buttons, but those are for another day. For now AppGamer would like to highlight 5 games that could have been fully fledged DS or PSP releases but instead can (or will) be found exclusively on the App Store.

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panasonic233513d ago

Sony should be worry about the i phone it catching up with psp fast.

rucky3513d ago

One is an all-in-one cellular phone, one is a gaming media device meaning different market. Got it noob? Why should you care anyways six year olds can't afford these things.

farhsa20083513d ago

no i will never take the iphone seriously as a gaming device.
No buttons = no play. And why fvck do you care so much? Do you have shares in Apple or something fool?

3513d ago
Silellak3513d ago

You guys are welcome to pretend the iPhone isn't a viable gaming platform, but the games I've seen on it claim otherwise.

"Let's Golf!" may not be quite as good as, say, Hot Shots Golf for the PSP...but it's also 1/8th or so the price.

That isn't to say I'd recommend it vs. the PSP or the DS - a dedicated handheld system will always be better than a phone or a music device - but you shouldn't dismiss some of the more impressive games just because "it doesn't have buttons".

ExcelKnight3513d ago

I'll only take it seriously if the games it gets are serious. Get a few multi-hour, GREAT quality WRPGs and JRPGs on there and I'll consider it. It's the only genre I'd play on the thing, anyway. After having played Mega Man 2 iPhone, you can see why I have little faith in any other genres.

Tarmgar3513d ago

You know why I'll never take the iPhone seriously as a gaming console? Well, because the answer is in its name: i"PHONE"!!

Viper73512d ago

Not with its current price which is very expensive around my region. its like 1000€ here now. Mainly because you cant buy it seperatly. (only trough some phone service providers deal that makes you pay something like 25€ a month for 4-5 years)

I havent seen a single iPhone in my area, so they really need to boost up the availablility for some countries. But then again, many just prefer nokia as its finnish invented product.

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kingme713513d ago

Why would I pay $100 a month for a gaming device?

Bnet3433513d ago

I believe it works with an iPod Touch as well. I may be wrong. Either way, iPhone = for tools.

Silellak3513d ago

Bashing iPhone owners as a collective whole = for tools.

I generally despise Apple, but I have to admit the iPhone is a fine piece of hardware.

Heldrasil3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I bought an 8gig iTouch a few months back, and it is actually a NICE piece of equipment. Sure, I use for Movies and MP3's but it also has a sh*t load of extras once you jailbreak the damn thing. Out of the box, ya, it's sh*t, but with all emulators (including old PC dventure titles liek Monkey Island and such) and free apps, it's hard to turn down for what it is....and what is it? NOT A GAMING DEVICE, but it does play games!

nycredude3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

My Blackberry plays games also, maybe we should start taking the Blackberry seriously as a gaming device. PLus it kicks to iphone's ass in the phone and online connectivity department.

Are we going to start a new phone war now. Is the console wars not enough. NOw we have to have iphone fanboys?

Silellak3512d ago

The BB can be a gaming device, if it truly has the games to compete with some of the iPhone's best offerings. Have you even seen any of the games on this list? A console is defined primarily by the games on it, and there are some DAMN good games for the iPhone - not just good 'phone' games, but good games compared even to their DS and iPhone brethren..

I don't suppose you'd care to justify how the BB is better in the "online connectivity" department?

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PotNoodle3513d ago

No. I own one and i still don't think it is a proper gaming platform.

enjoi1873513d ago

lol yeah in college class's....from boredom....until they get home and play a real gaming system

Silellak3513d ago

You mean a real gaming platform like the PS3 or 360, with its $60 games, most of which last somewhere between 8 and 10 hours?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing games on my 360, but there is a definite market for games that are 1/10th the price of the games that are on "real platforms". Especially since some of those games are damn impressive and shouldn't be dismissed just because you hate Apple or the iPhone.

ExcelKnight3513d ago

XBLA, WiiWare, and PSN (soon DSiWare) have similar games up for distribution. 1/10th the price for a shorter game than the average in its genre. 1/6th the price for a game that would've been a huge risk if it were released on a disc/cart.

Arkem3513d ago

Then you must buy some pretty crappy games. Have you ever played Fallout 3? More than 50 hours and I've still got ALOT of things to do in that game. Of course, if people buy "Barbie Super Happy Fairies" (made up game lol) then of course, they'll be less than 10 hours long. Anyway, I don't take the iPhone as a portable gaming device.

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