First screenshot and details of new Square Enix action game

Thanks to the newest issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine (#19), has the first screenshot and details on the unannounced Square Enix action game. Check them out and let the speculation begin.

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Kain813537d ago

so i would say its new^^ and news worthy^^

II Necroplasm II3537d ago

Hope it turns out to be a killer game.

Skyreno3537d ago

oh intresting ...............

XxZxX3537d ago

Yup on PS3?......really doubt it.

Domenikos3537d ago

Another mid - not so good quality game on the list?

Come on SE, you need to FOCUS

DominusRebellis3537d ago

...can you say Buster Sword???

slayorofgods3536d ago

An action game by square enix..... Lame!!!!

Liquid Dust3536d ago

hmm, looks familiar... One can dream right?

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DragonWarrior_43537d ago

It seems Squeenix is wanting to get into action rpg's. Thing is though they are doing it all wrong. Wanna see a good action rpg? Look at Mass Effect,, sh*t look at God of War. There is action, and there are rpg elements. So instead of making garbage like Infinite Undiscovery, they should stick with their classic turn based games( FF, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Warrior) that made them who they are today, and make games like FF versus, kingdom hearts instead of making a cross breed in between cause they are really hurting themeselves more then they are doing good. Man I would do anything for a true sequel to FF7 or X. I guess Squeenix has their head so far up Microsoft's @ss that they cant see what the fans truly want anymore.

kratos1233537d ago

man i cant agree with you anymore

sunnygrg3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

Don't you mean "I cant agree with you more"?????

zoneofenders3537d ago

if they want to make a action RPG, then they should use the dissidia battle system and enhance it to suit battling multiple enemies.

Bonsai12143537d ago

if you're going to say squenix, say it right please. there's only one e.

AAACE53537d ago

That sounds good in theory for SE to stick to what made them who they are. But in case you weren't paying attention, those game (FF, DQ, etc.) have been selling less and less with each release, in alot of cases, a million less.

They have to evolve and try something different. So they will try a few different things with a few different games and see what works. So yes, we will see some crappy games out of them for a while... But it's not like that's something new. They have released alot of crappy games in the past, they are just now being noticed because they aren't on a PS console.

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osamaq3537d ago

the character model didn't impress me but the draw distance did

N4PS3G3537d ago

that looks like a psp game if you ask me

gamesmaster3537d ago

yeah i think its a psp game, i dont see any action rpg's coming to the ps3 in the near future from square enix, not atleast until XIII and versus are out.

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The story is too old to be commented.