GR Asks: Why Was Biohazard Renamed Resident Evil?

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Gambit073485d ago

That is a F'N good question.

Dimitri3485d ago

Because thats what its called in Japan .

XiaoSet3485d ago

... so? A lot of games, in Japan, are called the same thing in English.

Biohazard = makes sense to the story
Resident Evil = ...?

Picnic3485d ago

'Resident Evil' is more multi meaning than Biohazard in the context of the games. Not only does it refer to evil that is resident in the mansion or other environments, in the form of zombies/mutated animals but that evil that infests those zombies/mutated animals.

I think that the way that games studios always seem to think that minimalism is necessarily more suited to European game art though is a bit predictable though. The American Gamecube Resident Evil remake had a zombie attacking Jill Valentine. The European version had the words 'Resident Evil' on a brown backdrop.

MrChow6663485d ago

biohazard it too straightforward and simple, while you can pull multiple meanings out of resident evil, plus sounds cooler imo