The Most Realistic Free Online Hunting Game: The Hunter - HD Video

Watch the HD Videos: Free Online Hunting Games: The Hunter - The Most Realistic Free Deer Hunt? The Hunter is a pc client based free online hunting game. It is free to hunt deer online and is very realistic 3d hunting at its best.

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himdeel2842d ago

...much better than that Dangerous Hunts game or whatever it was.

ThatCanadianGuy2842d ago

Wow! That looked amazing.Im tempted to try it out

onlinemmo2841d ago

hey its free give it a shot and let me know what you think

KionicWarlord2222841d ago

its pretty fun.the sounds great.

onlinemmo2841d ago


Yes I agree. Just keep in mind that it is a realistic 3d hunting game so the animals can see, hear, and smell you coming and will run off before you can get a shot if your approach is wrong.

floppyfeet2841d ago

i have played like 20 hours of it and its still fun to play

its godly

SlyGuy2841d ago

PSN or XBOXLive for Free. Or even $1.

onlinemmo2841d ago


Maybe this will be possible in the near future with features like OnLive.

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