FFXIII demo will last over an hour

The Final Fantasy XIII demo will hit Japan next week and it appears that it will contain a considerable chunk of gameplay.

Famitsu magazine's editors have had the chance to preview the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII demo; it will be shipping with the Blu-ray release of Advent Children.

In their preview they reveal that the demo's play time weighed in at over an hour and twenty minutes, further explaining that it'd be a loss to miss out on the demo before the full games release.

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wardrox3536d ago

An hour? About enough time to get a third of the way through the tutorial then?

Nelson M3536d ago

An Hour
When Playing the Demo
10 Mins in and
KaBooom !!!

Snatcher3535d ago

They can cool it down with a towel, then they will be able to play for another 10 minutes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Supernatural243536d ago

Holy sh*t! How long is the full game going to be?!?!

Not 8-10 hours for sure!!

TheHater3536d ago

Final Fantasy games usually take me about 30 hours to complete the main quest alone. This one seems to be longer with the three different characters.

Obama3536d ago

the last one took me 120 hours to complete everything including all the weapons and secrets, so I presume this one will take around the same time.

techie3536d ago

30 hours! that's a quick average. They're more around 100 hours aren't they?

Baka-akaB3535d ago

Uh no they are only 100 if you're doing everything and sticking around to xp .

30-40 hours sounds about right , when you only follow the plot

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yoghurt3536d ago

The xbobx are not getting the demo, its being included with a BLU-RAY

techie3536d ago

Lol. Capitals make your point more clear.

Blackcanary3536d ago

this game after hearing this news.

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