PlayStation Home News: EA Unveils The Godfather II Space, Capcom Refreshes RE5 + Special Events!

PlayStation.Blog writes: "Tomorrow, April 9th, is shaping up to be a milestone date in the ever-evolving world known as PlayStation Home…and we can't wait for you all to log in and check out all the cool stuff we've had brewing!

First up, EA is launching their first PlayStation Home game space to support the newly-released The Godfather II game. This space will have a Texas Hold 'Em table and will allow you a place to gather with your fellow PlayStation Home mobsters and tighten up your poker face before EA launches its highly-anticipated Sports Complex".

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remanutd553238d ago

i have to say that all the support home is getting lately is been really good , i dont go there very often but its always nice to see home getting new spaces , this is really good and im starting to believe when they said home will be getting at least 3 new spaces monthly

irish-leprecaun3238d ago

home is turning out to be great and it can only get better!!

irish-leprecaun3237d ago

home is turning out to be amazing!!

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The story is too old to be commented.