Greatest Games of all time!

Winners Announced!
At nearly 100,000 votes, this was by far our biggest poll ever. The results were a little surprising, with some recognised classics rating highly despite their age and some recent releases having the cheek to outdo more established big brands. Did your game make the Top 10?

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Saigon3510d ago

and I can't beleive people actually voted these games...I hate online polls never acurate...

ChampIDC3510d ago

The majority of polls aren't "accurate", as you'd have to poll the entire world to be 100% "correct". At least the top games are good games.

y0haN3510d ago

I agree with 1,4,5, 8 and 9 but not in that order.

Fishy Fingers3510d ago

The top 10 isn't far off what I'd expect to be honest. Certainly wouldnt call it a joke. MGS, HL2, Zelda.

Nike3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

I thought polls aren't allowed on N4G? Hmmm...Must be because it's the results. :P

1 Call of Duty 4 (Multiformat)
2 Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64)
3 Final Fantasy VII (PSone)
4 Grand Theft Auto IV (Multiformat)
5 Super Mario 64 (N64)
6 007 Goldeneye (N64)
7 Halo 3 (Xbox 360)
8 Metal Gear Solid (PSone)
9 Half Life 2 (Multiformat)
10 Gears of War (Multiformat)

CoD4 rating higher than Zelda: OoT? FFVII rating higher than Super Mario 64? Goldeneye 007 rating higher than Half-Life?! o.O

Marceles3510d ago

Eh..I would've put FF7 over Mario 64 too. The rest of the ratings are a joke though. One thing is for sure, Half-Life 2 needs to be UP there and COD4 needs to be DOWN there. And if a Halo needs to be on a top list I would've put 2 up there instead of 3. Gears shouldn't be up there, GTA4 shouldn't be up there, I loved Goldeneye and what it has done for console shooters but I wouldnt put that on the top 10 either. God I hate top lists lol, but yet I always fall for them

Tony P3510d ago

Everyone voted their feelings, nothing wrong with that. Certainly not my top ten, but w/e. The only one I actually disagree with is GTA IV. Most of the other games were really good or innovative at least.

Time Lord3510d ago


Bnet3433510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

The top ten isn't a joke. Like someone else said, I'd expect these games to be there. MGS, Halo, Zelda, Super Mario. I'm curious to know what wouldn't be a joke in your opinion because that list is filled with superb games.


Okay, I know that, but to say the top ten is a joke? This list isn't way off. Alot of the games here would end up in alot of ppls top ten. What game is missing out of that list that pissed you off?

RememberThe3573510d ago

That doesn't take away from the idea that these aren't the top ten games ever. They are all actually great games but they aren't the pinnacle of gaming.

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raptorjacob3510d ago

i just came out with my own top ten and it doesnt look anything like that

table3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

its basically just a pop chart. Where is Timesplitters2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Commandos2, AOE2 and PES4? And halo3 above halo:CE and GTA4 above VC... and mario kart wii above mario kart 64... too many new age gamers voting... and all 4 metal gears should be in the top 10 :)

PirateThom3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Call of Duty 4 the best game of all time??

Not even remote close.

Did the people voting on this only start playing games this gen?

Max Power3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

i was just thinking that same thing, i have yet to play any games this gen that will breach my top 25, and i have played most of those games in the top ten.

DMasta7183510d ago

I shook my head when I saw COD4 at #1

Great game? Yes. Greatest game? Far from it

somekindofmike3510d ago

apparently people have short term memories, only reason why a lot of these newer games make the list. in 10 / 20 years time will COD4, Halo 3, Gears & GTA4 be rated so highly? most of them would struggle to stay in the top 100, except maybe COD4 (in my opinion only) due to replay value.

A poll of top 100 games excluding current gen would be more interesting, come on really? Mario Kart Wii is rated higher than Mario Kart 64... Shame on you gaming public! Shame on you!

NegativeCreep4273510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

But Best Game of all Time? Come on! These polls were cast by total fanboys who just wanted to spite Killzone 2.

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