New game tracking tool announced

Kris Graft from Edge writes:

"OTX, a research firm that also tracks the international movie industry, introduced this week GamePlan Insights, a subscription-based analytics tool that combines data from game rental firm GameFly and AERS' eBay data (AERS is the exclusive tracker of eBay data). This data is used in tandem with OTX's weekly gamer tracker.

Perhaps the most unique part of GamePlan is that OTX will use all of this data to track a game throughout its entire lifecycle, from marketplace reaction to the launch of a new game, to the effectiveness of public relations, in-store arrival, sales velocity and rental and resale data."

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FantasyStar3510d ago

You can't track where technology isn't needed.

1. Bartering of games over Craigslist
2. Ebay auctions that lack the UPC code (it happens rarely)
3. Under the table game purchases at retailers
4. Pawn shops

In order for this GPI to really take off, they'll need the support of many MANY retailers. Not just Gamefly, Muze, AERS(Ebay tracker). Also the main site itself looks very new and just recently established because I cannot dig up any copyright info before '09 so that's further margin of error for a limited sample and test study.