PlayStation LifeStyle Rumored PS Store Content for 04/09/09

This week our Rumored PS Store Content, doesn't have much rumored content at all. So much has been confirmed this week that there wasn't much left for the rumored section. So instead this week is more of a preview of what's to come on tomorrows PS Store update. In this week's update, we have a couple games, and some interesting DLC coming.

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TheColbertinator3391d ago

Does anyone know when the Valkyria Chronicles DLC will hit NA? Its already announced for Europe

DJ3391d ago

Sweet! I'll definitely get my hands on that one. =D

Dir_en_grey3391d ago

Rag Doll Kung Fu was one of the games I've been waiting for a long time...
But NO ONLINE?!?!? WTF!!!
Won't buy until an online patch is out.

Mr_Bun3391d ago

I was just pissing and moaning about the lack of online...I hope that they are planning on patching it!

FunAndGun3390d ago

No online play totally kills it.

such a shame.

bob saget remix3391d ago

I've been waiting for this one for quite some time. Next game I want is Fat princess.

ThatCanadianGuy3391d ago

I've been waiting for Fat Princess since E3 :(

I can't take it anymore !!11one! However, Ragdoll kung fu looks pretty awesome tho.

bob saget remix3391d ago

Will be released on the same day as sonys E3. Thats what I'm guessing.

DirtyLary3391d ago

Valkyria Chronicles DLC tomorrow. Good news. Great game.

Sev3391d ago

It's NOT coming tomorrow sorry to burst your bubble. It's coming next week.

DirtyLary3391d ago

Is this the same ragdoll KungFu that was on Steam a couple years back?

The community dropped that game like bad habit in weeks.

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The story is too old to be commented.