PETA: WoW 'Seal Hunt' Clarification

A spokesman for PETA has contacted IncGamers regarding the upcoming World of Warcraft "seal hunt" campaign, to clarify the goals and motivation behind the event.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has organised an in-game gathering where WoW players may join with PETA members to defeat a team of four baby seal killers. Misleading rumours of an in-game protest or demonstration has been spread on the internet, but PETA spokesman, Dan Shannon, got in touch with them to clear this up and explain what the organisation hopes to gain from the activity.

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iceice1233537d ago

When I glanced at this I thought there was going to be an in-game event to kill seals.

Maticus3537d ago

Heh, not really PETA's policy :D

Leord3537d ago

Hehe, I think a lot of people got mixed up about it, lol =)

Malfurion3537d ago

4 Horde players are going to be killing them, anyone with PETA has to stop them.

Montrealien3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

The seal hunt activists are the biggest attention wh*res, there are bigger problems people. much much bigger problems to be an activist for. Sadly they don`t have as cute a face then a baby seal and are not as marketable.

Infact, it has been illigal to hunt that white coat baby seal they always parade around in pictures for over 20 years now.

These groups are a joke here in Canada and speard nothing but miss information, the seal hunt is an industry like fishing and the lifely hood of a whole seaside community and the spread are far from being instinct atm, infact they are thriving, even with the yearly seal hunt.

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Maticus3537d ago

I think the WoW community reaction to this is pretty disgusting actually.

Why the hate for PETA?

iceice1233537d ago

They support terrorism so long as it's "helping" animals, that could be it. But it's the WoW community, most are just trolling, as usual.

Leord3537d ago

PETA are generally pretty crazy...

Cogo3537d ago

"PETA are generally pretty crazy..."

Understatement of the year...

Malfurion3537d ago

An animal rights organisation supports terrorism? o.O

UnwanteDreamz3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

PETA kills thousands of dogs and cats every year. PETA uses donations to pay for it. They also use donation to pay celebs for adds and the celebs they pay wear animal furs. PETA is a joke with no punchline.

EDIT: Last year PETA took in 2216 animals of those 7 were adopted 34 were transfered and 2124 were killed. I have far more respect for the RSPCA


Parapraxis3537d ago

Malfurion, fire bombing research laboratories and crippling social perceptions of aboriginal economies.
Comparing animal treatment to that of slavery.
spreading FALSE information.
Using extreme and rare examples of animal cruelty to represent entire industries (dairy/research/meat/poultry, etc)
PETA is a dispicable and disgusting group.

Maticus3537d ago

Ok, and here was I thinking they were like the RSPCA

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Wuushu3537d ago

That's lame! I'd write my reasons but i have seal-clubbing event to catch!

Anon19743537d ago

Baby seals would kill you if they had half the chance. Don't let the cuteness fool you!

Seriously, the hunt is montiored and regulated, has been for years, and I fail to see how killing seals is any different from cows, calves, lambs, chickens, etc...etc.

It's all just image. Peta can't really put a cute chicken on the screen and expect you to feel anything but hungry because they're delicious, tasty animals. Ain't they can't find a cute chicken.

"Stupidity is the devil. Look in the eye of a chicken and you'll know. It's the most horrifying, cannibalistic, and nightmarish creature in this world. Werner Herzog"

Maticus3537d ago

Ok, I know I'm gonna get absolutely flamed for this but:

PETA do have a chicken on their page:

And I don't feel hungry looking at it. I'm not a veggie, but I don't start salivating every time I see an animal that I could eat.

Anon19743537d ago

How dare you take the chicken's side! Why if I had a club I'd....

*sigh* Woah there, darkride. Calm down. It's ok for others to disagree with you...take a deep breath..

Alright. I looked at the site. The picture of the rabbit made me hungry, same for the cow, chicken and pigs. Cats and dogs, not so much. The bear, a little.

Hey, look at that. Lunch time anyway.

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Fyzzu3537d ago

That's surprisingly sane for PETA. Shame about the reaction from the WoW community but I remain eternally unsurprised at anything they do.

Leord3537d ago

They do have a "certain" reputation...

Malfurion3537d ago

Being a Druid, I'm all for animal rights in WoW.. Although I'm a leather-wearer :S

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