H.A.W.X. is just one of three DX 10.1 games

Fudzilla: After the H.A.W.X. article, we had to dig a bit deeper to find that H.A.W.X is just one of three games that ATI wants to market as a DirectX 10.1 title. All three games should benefit from DirectX 10.1 and two out of three are already a part of Top 20 UK PC games chart.

As we already wrote, you can get up to a 15 percent performance boost with DirectX 10.1 in H.A.W.X. and according to the video at Youtube, you can get up to 30 percent in some titles, for example Stormrise and Battleforge. This video is done by ATI so take that 30 percent claim with a grain of salt, as they claim higher gains in H.A.W.X than those which we got during our testing. In any case, even if the gain is not 30, but rather 15 percent, it's still a great result and a great win for ATI.

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y0haN3537d ago

Everyone gets 9001 fps on HAWX and it looks amazing on DX9 so who cares, really? :S

PS360PCROCKS3537d ago

so an extra 5 frames lol? or am I missing something?

SpartanGR3537d ago

like i'm going to have any problen running anything on my 3way gtx285 sli lol

Qwagy UK3537d ago

As long as I get 60fps vsyc and no drops and with everything turned on "which I do" don't care

fossilfern3537d ago

I dont see why more games supported DX10.1 but ah well we will see how DX11 turns out and if people will make the jump to windows 7