Out With The New, In With The Old? writes: Naming some of the biggest games to come out of recent, and titles due in the foreseeable future, you will probably name some of the following titles; 'Gears Of War 2', 'The Sims 3', 'Street Fighter 4', 'Resident Evil 5', 'Tekken 6', 'Ridge Racer 7'…..'Final Fantasy 13' and this is only a minute few games off the top of my head, you will no doubt have more. The obvious link between all the titles mentioned is of course the ever increasing number that follows. Like a faithful puppy companion, we know it's going to follow, we're quite used to it being there and most of us feel quite happy and content for it being there too, safe in the knowledge that the product it stands by, its master, is dependable, reliable, trustworthy and comfortable to what we want and expect in a video game. However what I want to know is...

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Spike473538d ago

Look at Killzone 2, huge improvement over the first one.
But Look at Resident Evil 5,.....meh.