30 Adventure Games You Need to Play

Looking for adventure? Well look no further, because The Game Reviews' Jeffrey Matulef is letting you in on 30 of the greatest adventure games (or game adventures) out there. You've got to play these.

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Myst3456d ago

I definitely want to find and play Beyond Good and Evil. The most important aspect of that right now is finding the game :/. That and finding Shadow of the Colossus also.

shoinan3456d ago

And Gool Ol' Games I think. Might be wrong on that.

cain1413456d ago

I'm having the same issue...

Killjoy30003456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Shadow Of The Colossus, Ico, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time are probably the best adventure games of all time. Well, in my opinion. I'm a younger breed of gamer starting on Nintendo 64 at 6. So I can see where more seasoned, come-of-age gamers would disagree with me.

Viewtiful3456d ago

I'm pretty sure you can get Beyond Good and Evil on Steam.

MelaDarkwood3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

Yep, Beyond Good and Evil is on Steam. It was on sale with Dark Messiah and Far Cry 1, which I bought for Beyond Good and Evil and Dark Messiah. But DM wasn't as good as I hoped (so far anyway), and I haven't had a chance to play BGaE. But I definitely will as soon as finals are over. =)

Shadow of the Colossus I've seen at Fry's Electronics many times, but I am unable to play it, having no PS2. =(

Myst3456d ago

Ack! I keep forgetting about uncharted I'm probably going to have to end up renting to at least be able to play it then buy it sometime later this month or the next.

Forgot about Beyond Good and Evil being on steam, but for some reason I'd rather just get it for PS2 just like Shadow of the Colossus. Although did just find out the gamestop that is basically out in the middle of nowhere has both games so might trade in at least SCIV and maybe another game and get both.

gamesmaster3456d ago

i have the collectors shadow of the colossus, with the art cards in cardboard box. got it for £11 at electronics exchange. a bit battered but a great find.

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cain1413456d ago

I've been meaning to try grim fandango for a while...

italianbreadman3456d ago

I've been meaning to FINISH it. I dunno what happened, but I began to play, made it pretty far, then stopped. I think a computer death had to do with it.

SlamVanderhuge3456d ago

Still havent tried Grim...or many other Lucasarts games for that matter. Only ones that I got through were Curse of Monkey Island and the phenomenal Day of the Tentacle.

Great list, tho.

SirLarr3456d ago

Grim Fandango freaking owns.

cain1413456d ago

Is it really as good as people say?

Nike3456d ago

That and better. :)

Not a bad list but certainly lacking in several titles like Dreamfall, The Longest Journey, Indigo Prophecy and Uncharted.

Anon19743456d ago

It's hard to pick your top video games as there have been so many great games over the year. For me, Grim Fandango was the best adventure game period.

Ghoul3456d ago

grim fandango is amazing a MUST PLAY game

sadly its the last of its kind of adventure games so go out and pay your tribute to this masterpiece.

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predator3456d ago

I can not get over Portal (puzzle game) being on there while Uncharted is not...insanity!!!!!!

cain1413456d ago

Uncharted should be on the list...

cain1413456d ago

There is a real lack in old school adventure games there...

I used to love the Kings Quest Games!

NovaUK3456d ago

Ahh, good old Grim Fandango. Broken Sword II is probably my favourite Point'n'Click though.

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