NowGamer Review: Lux-Pain

NG: "Videogames and interactivity: they're as inextricably linked as sound and music, visuals and film, or cut-scenes and a Hideo Kojima game. Yet in Lux-Pain developer Killaware has managed to whittle interactivity down to its barest form, reducing the medium's defining characteristic to little more than a progression through text boxes. Although many will argue this is a criticism of the genre, rather than the game – Lux-Pain falls into the 'visual novel' sub-category of adventure gaming – the truth is that even the linear progression of Tenky's Time Hollow offered more in the way of player involvement than Lux-Pain. Simply put, Lux-Pain has reduced interactivity to its very bare minimum, and then contextualised what little actual play there is with an utterly bizarre story."

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