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Submitted by nightfallfilms 2496d ago | news

Sony's Shadow of the Colossus Headed to the Big Screen

One of the most cinematic games is now making it way towards cinemas. (Culture, Industry, PS2, Shadow of the Colossus)

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Fishy Fingers  +   2496d ago
"Justin Marks of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, Voltron, and Masters of the Universe, has been hired to write the screenplay."

facepalm  +   2496d ago
Only one thing I can say about this... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


EDIT ADDED: I guess one person (the Disagree) actually enjoyed the SF:Chun-Li movie...

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TheBigL053R  +   2496d ago
Yea. At first I was thinking "Hell yes, this movie could turn out to totally awesome!"

Then I saw what the writer and producer have done. =(
hay  +   2496d ago
This is bullsh!t. Game deserves a lot more.
RememberThe357  +   2496d ago
Why is it that Sony never has their own film studios make their game movies?
That has always puzzled me. Why not keep it in the family?

EDIT: sonarus: I'm not too confident myself about how this movie will turn out. Few directors could bring something like Shadow of the Colossus to the big screen. I'm not too worried about the writer or producer, but I am worried about which director they will choose. We will have to wait and see.
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sonarus  +   2496d ago
Thats one of the problems with sony that is being fixed. They have so many branches and divisions each doing their own thing and making their own profit that its hard for them to collaborate on a deal of any sort

Anyway this movie will SUCK BALLZ. Not only is this one of the lamest games to turn into a movie but also the people making the money are crappy

Shadow of the collosus was built to be a game and it was fantastic. But tranforming that into a movie won't work. This is like making a guitar hero movie or something. Just won't work
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Babylonian  +   2496d ago
Dude, Colombia Pictures = Sony. What I can't understand is how Sony let the licence for the God of War movie go to Universal. Must have been before the management integration/shuffle or something.

I just think it's fuched up to let one of Sony's biggest franchise - God of War - go to another studio instead of their OWN!

And another thing, movies on games don't work out! Books is a different thing because you are making an image of something written. Games already have an image and their own way of story telling, with the consoles getting stronger the imaging and storytelling becomes stronger and bigger too.

You want to know what Sony is trying to do with PlayStation? They want to make it a full member of the entertainment business. To be honest, They are only ones who are taking games seriously and try to make it mature. They have done that since the PS1.
UltraNova  +   2496d ago
I really hope Uwe Boll is the director! :p

If you disagree press agree!!

@ the guy who pressed disagree: Are you Uwe Boll?? lol lol
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RememberThe357  +   2496d ago
Thanks for catching me on that.

"The Shadow of the Colossus video game is being developed by producer Kevin Misher (Fighting, Public Enemies, Case 39) at Columbia Pictures."

I was think thinking of the whole God of War/Brett Ratner thing as well. I thought it's said "Universal Pictures" in stead of "Columbia Pictures".

Edit: UltraNova(below): I do remember that. Actually Colombia Pictures is heading the SotC Movie. It's the GoW movie that Universal is doing. But I'm with you on that, it doesn't really make much sense. I think the Sony was a extremely splintered company before the reorganization.

To me it seem like a lack of management skill in the higher ups at Sony to let their subsidiaries do business with other companies when they had all the resources they needed right there. It's kind like hiring an accounting firm the handle your balance sheet when your company has an accounting division, kind of a waist of money. How about keeping it in the family? Hopefully, for the shareholders sake, that is the goal of this recent reorganization.
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specialguest  +   2496d ago
All is lost...
UltraNova  +   2496d ago
Talking about weird stuff when it comes to Sony, do you recall the whole spider man 3 thing? Sony owns the films but the game went on being on every platform conceivable. We know that Activision (correct me if I m wrong) owns the rights for the games. Its weird though because Spider man 3 was solely based on the movie which is owned by Sony! Now we learn that Shod of the col is taken up by Unive...WTF Sony?
solar  +   2496d ago
great. another game i LOVE is going to get turned into a pile of crap movie. stop it already....
Tito Jackson  +   2495d ago
*smacks himself*
FOR WHY?!?!?!??!
Lotard3  +   2496d ago
I don't think that Hollywood does minimalistic very well. They`ll probably fill those vast rolling plains with racial stereotype characters or busty babes. But, if it turns out to be a good movie, I`ll see it day one.
LastDance  +   2496d ago
then at the end, he will save wanda and they will start making out.
ape007  +   2496d ago
great news for the fans

and to be honest,this game feel epic like movies
Cenobia  +   2496d ago
The best game ever will make the worst movie ever.

There is no way they could replicate the battles without being lame, and there is really no human interaction in the game at all. How could this possibly be a good movie? They'll either destroy it with a horrible back story or it will be an almost entirely silent film. You can only have your main character talk to himself/a dead person/a horse so much.

I don't see this as being good for fans at all. It really just annoys the hell out of me.
ape007  +   2496d ago
I see
Coconutz919  +   2496d ago
@ Cenobia
I agree that the battles would be a challenge to translate onscreen, but I don't think having little dialouge would be a problem. With the right cinematography, and screenplay I think it's very possible to make a compelling film out of Shadow of the Colossus.

Take the movie Castaway for example: aside from the brief beginning and end, the vast majority of the film was simply Tom Hanks stranded on an island trying to survive all alone. There was very little dialouge, but still engaging none the less.

I think a Shadow of the Colossus movie could begin and end very much the same way as the game. You'd need to cut the number of colossi to 3 or 4, and it would need to be filmed in a very gorgeous environment to show Wander traversing some unique terrain to break up the action. It would be a very difficult movie to make, but still very possible in the right hands.

Now, do I think this particular adaptation will be good? Unfortunately, no. The writer of Street Fighter has a LOT of odds against him. I think Peter Jackson could do well with this though...
cryymoar  +   2495d ago
just record someone playing the game the whole way through, then put it on the big screen. SotC feels like an epic movie as it is. lets leave it at that?
Random_Gumby  +   2496d ago
DONT DO ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Azurite  +   2496d ago <- Guillermo del Toro please? <- "There are only two games I consider masterpieces: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus."
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Lucreto  +   2496d ago
Guillermo del Toro would be good. But he will be directing the Hobbit.

Peter Jackson would also be a good choice.
ps92117  +   2496d ago
Exactly what I was thinking, if he does not direct it, than f u sony, funny if it was like pans labarynth completely in spanish, I would kill to to see that.
Miraak82  +   2496d ago
It would work perfectly as an anime series . Each episode would have a different colossi with some flashbacks on, minimal at best of coarse on how she died and how he knew of the land
Sangria  +   2496d ago
I smell epic fail.
Shadow of the Colossus has been praised by critics because of its poetry aspects, its dramatic and melancholic value. When we see Hitman the movie full of action, explosions, sex, etc... whereas the game's heart is to avoid any trouble at maximum, what will they do to Shadow of the Colossus?

To me, the only acceptable video game based movie was Silent Hill, because Christopher Gans caught all the spirit of the series and the morbid choreography of the characters. I wish no one would touch to such epic games like Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock or Shadow of the Colossus. It almost always ends by a disaster.
LeShin  +   2496d ago
Agreed Sangria!
...but I'd also add the first Mortal Kombat film. The fight sequence with Reptile and Scorpion were epic and more importantly it stuck to the bloody plot. Oh, and Christopher Lambert as Raiden was genius :)
LastDance  +   2496d ago
that WAS a good movie.......casting was good in that film. Scorpion fight was EPIC.
Kamikaze135  +   2496d ago
Why the hell would HE have any involvement in the movie? Tim Burton or Steven Spielberg should at least direct it...then fire that guy in the process =D
v1c1ous  +   2496d ago
how in the hell would this even work?
the game itself involves a quiet distraught hero as he goes around fields killing majestic beings, which are either evil or tranquil all for the sake of his dead female companion.

i don't know about you, i ABSOLUTELY LOVED SotC and got immersed through wanderer's quest, but i would NOT like to watch a 2 hour movie about it.

there's just really nothing that would translate to the big screen and make it entertaining for non-videogame buffs...
UltraNova  +   2496d ago
Now I m worried... the guy who did street fighter????? I guess the game to film translation is going to be cursed indefinably!
Cheeseknight28  +   2496d ago
The Bioshock film sounds promising. They are using the same green-screen techniques used in 300 to recreate Rapture.

Gore Verbinski is directing it (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ring).
John Logan is writing it (Gladiator, The Aviator, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Time Machine).
LeShin  +   2496d ago
...ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo



Didn't Team Ico or Sony watch Streetfighter:The legend of the not quite Chinese skinny-ass with no fighting experience chick?!!!!
DJ  +   2496d ago
Get f'ing Chris Nolan or J.J. Abrams on it. Maybe even the guy that made Cloverfield; that seems like a perfect fit.
xabmol  +   2496d ago
Damn you Hollywood!

Why must you destroy the name of something so pure? :(
SonyRulz  +   2496d ago
Um... SHOULD be damning SONY, since THEIR the ones that sold off their precious IP to the highest bidder, with ZERO consideration for their fans.
xabmol  +   2495d ago
Damn you Sony!
Why must you destroy the name of something so pure?

Happy? >.>

It was just a joke btw.
LastDance  +   2496d ago
If i were superman, I would stop this.

What's the next best thing?....
SonyRulz  +   2496d ago
...Sony proves they have NO CLUE how to market/sell their AAA IPs. They'll probably let Uwe Boll make Killzone movie. :o
Cat  +   2495d ago
I wish Marks the best of luck with dialog! ;)

I'm fascinated with how they will realize this project, but the reality is they are very far off from real production of the film. Plenty of time for a change of course, or to completely derail.
Marceles  +   2495d ago
"Plenty of time for a change of course"

Or another screenplay writer :( Street Fighter, Voltron, Masters of the Universe I can handle...but leave Shadow of the Colossus alone Marks lol.

I wouldn't even want Marks to work on a screenplay for Pixeljunk Monsters
chidori666  +   2495d ago
only one movie of kill zone 2 is gooddd.....
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2495d ago
Why are you so weird?
bob saget remix  +   2495d ago
Have you been smoking crystal meth today or something?
bigjclassic  +   2495d ago
As gamers we need to STOP supporting hollywood
All they do is ruin great IPs. Batman TDK, Spiderman 3, HULK, DBZ, SF Chun Li, MK, SMB and other "cult classics" have been totally disrespected on by hollywood, and yet we all see these crappy movies.

dont support this, unless they stay true to form.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2495d ago
wtf are you talking about? The Dark Knight was an amazing movie. The whole spiderman franchise has been awesome, including 3, it's not the best one, but it's most certainly a much better movie than most movies released in any genre.

edit:: oh and I'm not sure if your talking games, comics, etc or what. But the first Hulk blew ass, but the second one was pretty cool. Not to mention Fantastic Four, Iron man, X-men etc were also all pretty good movies.

edit:: Lol and no offense but Pokemon, SF and DBZ are downright ridiculous and no matter what you do in movie form it's just retarded no matter who you are or how big your budget is.
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mmike855  +   2495d ago
I will give bubbles
To whomever creates a petition against the choice of director and screenwriter for this film. Think of the premise of the video game as being perfect for a modern day epic. The game demands the best talents in the industry to make it truly fly on the big screen. The sheer awe and emotional attachment you develop for the characters while playing the game is not something any executive in Hollywood should take lightly. Chun Li is fast become a new poster child for bastardized game characters.

Hollywood thinks video game fans are stupid, will watch whatever is shoveled at them, and enjoy watching poorly written films heaped high with scoops of bad dialogue, loaded with gaping plot holes, and wrapped up in the sort of shallow story whose only redeeming feature is that the awkwardly acting lead characters are kind of hot. Not only is it time for us to stop Hollywood's quick judgement of hundreds of millions of gamers, it is time to stop the trend of thought in Hollywood that berates and condescendingly the gaming world as a herd of shallow, easily satisfied cash cows.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2495d ago
Still haven't played the game actually...
4wire  +   2495d ago
Guy, wandering in plains with his sword in the sun (25 minutes)
Guy, finds colossus, finds a way to grab some hair (10 minutes)
Guy, grabs onto hair for a while, searching for a blue spot (10 minutes)
Guy, uses sword to punch in the blue spot (repeat 3 to 9 times)
Blood. (30 seconds)
Guy, warps back to his chick.
boss_killa  +   2495d ago
oh dear god why...
if you're gonna make a shadow of the colossus movie why let Justin Marks(Street Figther?!? LOL) write it?

i smell a disaster coming. i hope it turns out good but i dunno, it seems unlikely now.
creatchee  +   2495d ago
I hope that this turns out well (even though we're dealing with some bad history in the development team) - this is still one of my favorite games of all time.
PhantomMD  +   2495d ago
Good lord, there are so many ways this could go wrong! Please don't use rubber suits for the colossi!
RustedMan  +   2495d ago

the risks outweigh the possible benefits.
Too many things could go wrong with this.

Well, another year, another masterpiece of a game turned to a flaming piece of sh*t.

And they couldn't even pick someone who has a good resume.
I wonder if they even look in the first place.
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batman2million  +   2495d ago
I'm just hoping its dies out in the process. this is absurd.
and when movies like these don't make enough money they all like..."wtf"?
and start talking about their losses. why dont they mention who retarded they are while they're at it.
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