[email protected] PS3

A video of the [email protected] PS3 in action.

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neogeo3596d ago

At midnight I will download the update on my PS3 and I will become a famous hero for being the first man to FOLD and cure cancer.
I just the wifi I steel from downstairs does not time out, or all hope will be lost

wildcat3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

kinda creepy to have this on your video game console, but I guess it's beneficial to someone

neogeo3596d ago

creepy? why? your choice of words makes me think its like a portal to doom or something

wildcat3596d ago

It just gave me the goosebumps watching all of those molecules vibrating and stuff. Just a tiny bit eerie in a way.

SmokeyMcBear3596d ago

Sunday night, join in the foldathon. If you have a ps3 and updated on friday, then please for one night (sunday night) leave your ps3 on and fold fold fold.