Evangelion: Jo puts PSP owners in the cockpit

Finally, an Evangelion game to get excited about! This isn't a dating sim, or a card game -- this is a real adventure game that looks to do the series justice by placing you in the cockpit of one of anime's most iconic mechs.

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makotokam3333d ago

If you've seen the latest remastered Evangelion film, this should def. be of some relevance. I for one am kind of disappointed that there isn't an Eva game for the ps3.

xabmol3333d ago

I'll be keeping an eye on this one, I will.

IVYvsTAKI3333d ago

I want an Eva game so damn bad...

Hitmaker3333d ago

Having played 2 of the 3 prior action oriented EVA games, I can say that I DO NOT have high hopes for this one.

Etseix3333d ago

i just know that this game will put psp on 1st place sales on japan :P
a mecha/sim/rpg game on psp at japan = 1st place for a week or two lol