A new Halo 3'ified version of Xbox Live Gold cards

Bored with your average Xbox Live Gold subscription cards? Sick of the standard orange, yellow, and green swirls artwork and want some Halo flavor? Well, Xbox360fanboy got you covered with a new darker and prettier 12 month subscription card featuring some Halo 3 goodness.

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Covenant3958d ago

Let the promotions begin!

DEIx15x83958d ago

It would be cool if they did a special promotion with a company (probably Best Buy) to hold midnight slaes of Halo 3 and give every one who bought it at midnight a free year of Live!

Droidbro3958d ago

that would be cool, but youre talking about 100s of thousands of 13 month subscritions which is pretty much giving away millions of dollars when there supposed to be milking the hell out of halo. i know cause i'll be there to buy it:)

PS3Wii3958d ago

Is this Microsoft's response to Home?