What computer files to back up -- and how to do it

Yahoo Tech: "If you're backing up anything -- whether you're copying to an external hard drive, optical disc, or over the web -- you're ahead of the game, but for most people, backing up their files usually amounts to making a copy of the My Documents folder and calling it quits."

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Lord Anubis3515d ago

if you are wise you have a thumb/ USB drive with your drivers and other essentials programs. You never know when you might need them.

Freakwave0033515d ago

I have an external 1TB harddrive because I have so much porn, and it'd be such a waste if my computer were to crap out on me.

hitthegspot3515d ago

Is the drive just for backup? I always run all my sata drives in raid since I have noticed that they do not last as long as IDE, SCSI, or fibre drives.

SynGamer3515d ago

I use Acronis right after reformatting. It basically takes a snapshot of your harddrive and saves that to disc. I was able to get XP to fit to a regular DVD and Vista on a DL-DVD. Really makes reformatting hassle free.

hitthegspot3515d ago

I use that. It's a sweet program. I use to use ghost, but Symantec made it to complicated. Acronis kept it simple.

Jdoki3514d ago

Doesn't hurt to have an online back-up option as well.

Services like iDrive and Mozy give 2GB storage for free and are fully automated once set up.