MyDS: Nintendo DSi Review

At its core it's a great handheld. It has a good camera that has future game implementation potential, great sound quality, an SD Card slot and improved online capabilities. The hardware design has been improved and overall it's a better piece of equipment.

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hitthegspot3514d ago

I'm wondering if this is worth the upgrade. Anyone else going to get this?

rpgenius4203514d ago

I think it is pretty slick. I have an R4i card for it and everything is great!


AAACE53513d ago

I like it so far. I also like how the CPU is a bit more powerful as well as the RAM being like 4 times as powerful as the DS lite. Overall, it feels like a good purchase to me.

XxSolid SnakexX3514d ago

Waste of god damn money get an ipod touch, iphone or psp trust me it will be better than the shiittty dsi

Eiffel3514d ago

Lol you say not for anyone to waste their money yet put Iphone and Itouch as a examples of a good buy.

Ah...Thanks for the laugh.