Top 5 video game villains

In the world of video games, balance is essential. You need balanced gameplay, a balanced learning curve, but also you need a balance between the main protagonists of the game (you and the game itself). So for every character that fights for good, there must be a character who is equally as bad. It's story telling 101.

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celldomceen13269d ago

uwe boll was the only real villain on that list.

Cheeseknight283269d ago

Nice to see a list that isn't so predictable. They usually consist of:


Or some other predictable characters. The only one here I expected was GLaDOS.

Timesplitter143269d ago

I think I'm gonna puke.

This "article" is so not official

Halochampian3268d ago

i disagree. It is a great list. Villains are best when they arent who you actually thought they were.

Tim deserves to be #1. That was a great story with an amazing ending that was a huge twist to change him from being the protagonist to antagonist.

Gun_Senshi3269d ago

No Kefka = automatic phail.

Whole list fails, except for Uwe

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