N-Files: High Voltage Software Interview

N-Files can't say they are big fans of the first-person shooter genre. But when they heard about High Voltage Software's The Conduit last year, it stood out from many other Wii games. Since then, it seems the game has captivated online communities in an almost Cloverfield-esque way. They recently had the opportunity to speak with Tony Mecca of High Voltage Software touching on just about everything Conduit related.

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ChickeyCantor3515d ago

"he Wii graphically, you know artistically looked good, like Super Mario Galaxy obviously, Metroid, games like that had great art direction in it, but they weren't really pushing the technology that we saw the Wii could do"

SO if people think Mario galaxy looks great, and these guys are pushing more out of the system...then i can't wait for a colorfull game from HVS.

rjguess3515d ago

I agree. This game will the be the game that a lot of wii owners are waiting for. Glad HVS took the time. I really want to see what the wii can do. I want to all systems maxed out.

TruthbeTold3515d ago

These guys are doing us Wii owners a great service. People had better support this game.

Shnazzyone3515d ago

Great interview. It's a good sign when the publisher is so open to the internet communities on i9t. tons of videos showing gameplay. This is really going to be wii game to own this year. I feel bad for madworld who will surely be eclipsed by the conduit after released. Another clover gem (that it currently appears) not enough people will play.

Seferoth753515d ago

This game will be the true test on Wii. No black and white 6 hour games or on rails shooters. Those are not really core games, but I cant see any reason why people shouldnt pick up Conduit. They have really answered a lot of common complaints with this game. Hopefully it gets good reviews too.