Home's Xi becoming a reality?

What is the meaning of these various billboards sprouting up all over the world? What is the mystery?

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whothedog3518d ago

They are going to reveal the meaning of life

Lifendz3518d ago

I know I'm going to get flamed but Home has been, and still is, a complete failure and waste of resources.

Perhaps if Phil Harrison were still at Sony his "baby" would be more than a venue to chase people and float above stair wells.

Still can't hang photos off my HDD in my apt, still can't listen to music in my apt, still can't watch videos off my HDD in my apt...what the bleep?

I know you guys are going to go on about how it's optional and I don't have to use it. That's true. But it wasn't free to make. I'd take a party system and cross-game voice chat over Home any day.

I'll keep an eye on Home. Maybe walking around E3 in Home (if that happens) or EA's Home Space will change my mind. Maybek, like the PSN Store, Home will change so drastically in the span of a year that these complaints will seem well worth it. In the meantime it is simply a link on my XMB that I never use.

terrandragon3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Everything great in life is free. Looking at you, Live.

hazeblaze3518d ago

I agree with you for the most part... I was really disappointed with the lack of streaming audio and video in my apt. In fact, today was my first time logging back into Home since the first week it launched.

HOWEVER... although I still want those features I was promised. Xi actually turns out to be a HUGE step in the right direction. It actually has me interested in Home again. I only logged on b/c I was curious after seeing articles for it pop up for the last two weeks. As it turns out, the whole mystery solving element of it (and the activities involved) actually provide a satisfying level of fun. Not 'game' fun... something different. Not really sure how to describe WHY I like it... but they succeeded in drawing me back. And b/c of it, I've spent an hour in Home actually having fun.

I think Home is going to be just like PSN & Live... it will get better over time. If now is not the time for you, maybe they will add something to 'hook' you later. Personally, I just hope all of the new spaces have the same sort of appeal that Xi does.

Redempteur3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

it's original
it's updated DAILY
it has mini games
the billboards are part of a greater challenge you have to TEAM UP with others people to solve ...

since xi is online i conect to home as soon as i get up to try new things or check new part of the story .. the fact that clues ( fragments in the xi game ) are located BOTH in real life AND on internet is just GREAT ...

Home is Not a game area , you already have games on your ps3 right ???
Home is something else and Btw there is nothing wrong with Xi ,especially when they giving you a sixaxis-mini game like 3 days ago.

"Still can't hang photos off my HDD in my apt, still can't listen to music in my apt, still can't watch videos off my HDD in my apt...what the bleep?"

The fact it's still in beta ?
The fact new features are coming ( like sony updates his xmb )
The fact that Home is a community that is popular when you see the number of people speaking in the "spaces"

Godmars2903518d ago

Home ma have not been free to make, but its making money. As every avatar running around it in a pirate, ninja or snowman costume can attest.

Xi is an excuse to bring people in and make them come back. With some spending money in the process.

Its viral marketing. Making the common consumer wonder about Home and the PS3.

FPShooter3518d ago

thats just what I was going to say. Bubbles to you.

anything that is making money for a company is not a failure.

SoapShoes3517d ago

I think Home just isn't for you. Do you really think you'd be having so much fun hanging up pictures in your apartment, listening to your radio, or watching TV from your HDD in home? I doubt you would, you'd probably get tired of it after a few days. Failure? Nah, just not your cup of tea, if it was a failure there wouldn't be so many people using it.

Raz3517d ago

it definitely has a sort of 'Matrix' feel, doesn't it? "Open your eyes"..."The virtual world and the real world are merging"

Maybe when we finally go through that portal in Home we'll develop super-powers and start wall-running away from Agents... ^_^

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Blackcanary3518d ago

How there really trying something new with Xi.

jack who3518d ago

more hype over nothing what a waste of money

ape0073518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

there is a gaint gap that hold you from liking anything related to sony

you see,fanboys are funny and what's even funnier that they don't relize that they are totally wrong,they go away deep and deep and they are happy

jack,im not gonna reply to your comment,Im 100% that you know what will be said

jack who,get a life man,ps3\360 is for us gamers,ms,sony, and all 3rd party companies work hard,day and night to make us happy,I hope you wake up
I know that your console of choice is 360 and I respect that,it's great system and have a killer online experince,jack,appreciate what other appreciate to be respectful and appreciated,give a better image about what brought us here in the first place "gaming"

I hope I gave a good lesson and to all other fanboys

think about it,don't be afraid,ps3 is not a monster,relax xD

Sangria3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Not wanting to spoil, it's a way to incite people to create a VR / IRL way of thinking community. You can't know its meaning without the help of other people around the world.
It actually reminds me In Memoriam, one of my favorite games of all time, that use a similar virtual / reality way of thinking, and i'm pretty sure Sony took inspiration from it.

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