10 Symptoms of Game Addiction

Whats good people, as we know gaming has become such a huge international pass time now a days that it's easy to get addicted. Hell even I have to admit that sometimes I become a straight up nerd when it comes to video games. So I decided to hook up the Ten basic symptoms of Game Addiction, lets hope no addict suffers from all ten of these at one time, that would be crazy.

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Genesis53517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Well I've got 3 & 6 and probably a little touch of 5. Except for Jeopardy a hockey or football game, there is not much on TV that intrest me.


OMG! I think im addicted :)

Sunny_D3516d ago

How many articles like these can we take? But they sure addicting! :)

makotokam3516d ago

Some of these are true for me. But video games have nothing to do with the fact that i've stopped watching tv a long time ago. crappy reality shows do.

NegativeCreep4273516d ago

You start imagining how you would handle a real-life relationship with a videogame vixen like Lara Croft or Rikku from FFX.

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The story is too old to be commented.