BeefJack: Legends of Wrestlemania Review

BeefJack writes: "THQ has been one of the best developers of wrestling games since the release of the Nintendo 64. At the height of the WWE Attitude years there were plenty of wrestling games rolling onto consoles and giving fans plenty of pleasure in choke slamming their way to the top. Legends of Wrestlemania is a fantastic wrestling game from THQ and Jakks Pacific and involves a short look back on some of the most famous bouts throughout the first fifteen Wrestlemania events up to the 1999 Stone Cold vs. The Rock championship match. Legends of Wrestlemania is a short game, but makes up for its brevity with a custom creation mode, excellent online play and easily unlockable achievements for the Xbox 360 version."


* Excellent graphics
* Excellent replay value
* Competitive online multiplayer


* Confusing controls
* Lack of championship mode

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