Amazon burns new 50 percent off Blu-ray sale

Retailer this week began holding a new 50 percent off Blu-ray disc sale in a new high-definition promotion.

Eligible titles include The Godfather Giftset, Flags of Our Fathers, Nacho Libre, Patriot Games, Election, We Were Soldiers, and Old School.

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CRAIG6673516d ago

yeh i thought 'Burns' implied the end of something?

OGharryjoysticks3517d ago

I only like the newer movies that have that little picture box when I scroll over to the movies :)

ThanatosDMC3516d ago

Meh, nothing in the selection interests me... old movies. WallE might be good... but that's just because i've never seen it.

Lotard33516d ago

Wall-e is a pretty good movie. Can't say I've seen it on blu-ray yet though.

hitthegspot3516d ago

Black Rain was a good movie.

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