A Game Overlooked: Nexuiz Review (Freeware)

Gamer Limit Writes: "Free games. Everyone likes free stuff, and we all like games. So, naturally it would be logical to assume that we also like free games. Trouble is, as the saying goes, "nothing's free" - and to a point, it's true. To compound the sad realization that nothing's really free, most "free" things are typically not worth having. However, there are a few exceptions that prove the rule, and I'm going to talk about one of them today."

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Andrew Wiggin3513d ago

Freeware means I need to check out

chrisjc3513d ago

It looks like Quake - but free!

Fullish3512d ago

Although freeware means the game wasn't good enough to sell ;)

phosphor1123512d ago

Mk. Maybe people don't care to sell stuff like that? Maybe they just want people to be allowed to improve on stuff and make a great game out of it....Maybe..

zagibu3512d ago

@Fullish: You mean like Linux is an OS that is not good enough to sell? I hope you were joking, dude.

agentxricky3512d ago

This is pretty compelling... AND FREE!

onomix3512d ago

However KZ2 is a little bit better than this game :D

riksweeney3512d ago

It's still a FPS that you've played a million times before