PS3 Games Are Now Equipped With Playable Demos?

PS3-Sense writes: "The disc of The Godfather 2, we found something remarkable to when the disc in your PS3 does, there will be two blue CD icons appear. One is, as usual, the game which in this case Godfather 2 and the other is' EA demos'."

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PirateThom3517d ago

Old news, Dead Space had it as well.

sonarus3517d ago

Agreed old news indeed

Timesplitter143517d ago

Man I wanna play Dead Space now. I forgot about that game. It was so awesome

StephanieBBB3517d ago

It's nice to see that thier utilizing the blueray disc in some profitable way instead of gimping it because of the DVD-9.

Goes to show that EA is learning.

WildArmed3517d ago

EA has been taking advantage over that for awhile. Since DS.
Too bad i've already d/led 99% of the demos they give..
if they gave some exclusive demos that arent on PStore.. then i'd be interested

Masta_fro3517d ago

then if they gave demos exclusively with other games, then somebody (someone like you) would wine about not being able to downloading it through the psn store...

WildArmed3516d ago

true. all i mean by exclusive is maybe a longer demo then the psn.. or like what SQ did with Final Fantasy XII and XII demo. Its not like i go whining about it. (although some people do)
But you know, its a thought. I bought Dragon Quest VIII coz of the FFXII demo. But i loved DQ VIII more than any other RPG ever.

Masta_fro3516d ago

as long as its something different, like a beta key for some other game, a longer demo, etc...then im all for it.

From a business perspective...making a game demo exclusively available on another game's disc is a great idea...

why? because of the logic used behind the profit possibilities. You see, sony (for example) would not bundle a demo of Resistance 3, with God of War 3 because gow3 is a game that sells on its own.

Now, bundle the demo with a game like folklore 2, and it would be sure to boost its sales and at the same time treat many gamers to a great game (folklore).

WildArmed3516d ago

Folklore is a great game, just needs more marketing and demo's in popular games seems like a great way to get ppl to try the game. Since some people dont want to waste the bandwidth/time d/ling games that they arent sure are that good

rockleex3516d ago

Some people don't have internet access.

Therefore the only way for them to play the demos is at the stores(if stores put them up) or not at all! O_O

Hell, Sony should start a service where you can order multiple different PSN games from Sony. You would need to pay for the cost of the Bluray disc, and then the cost of all the games you ordered combined. ^_^

Sony's leaving out a LOT of people if they don't do this.

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ShabzS3517d ago

the left over space on blu rays... i guess they just cant help themselves eh?

thezuur3516d ago

they have already paid for the bluray license... might as well flood the disc with demos and who know.. maybe in the future we will see cross game stuff like how EA did with golf/madden/burnout lastgen ... i would like to see that.

Zeus Lee3517d ago

Old news,take this one down.

ElementX3517d ago

Lame, demos have been around for ages, even on prior systems.

ElementX3517d ago

Why the disagrees? Last gen had demos on discs, this isn't anything new.

XXXCouture3517d ago

lol why are people disagreeing with you?

BaSeBaLlKiD7213516d ago

because what you are talking about has nothing to do with this article...

farhsa20083517d ago

its old but its still welcome though

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