2,500,000,000 Achievements have been unlocked

OXM UK writes: "Xbox 360 gamers have unlocked a grand total of two and a half billion Achievements, according to Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg, earning 52 billion Gamerscore in the process.

That's the weak, American, billion rather than the mighty UK one, but still an impressive sum. The average works out at 150 Gamerscore for every Xbox gamer, a figure that our Gillen topped only recently when he finally got broadband..."

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KionicWarlord2223515d ago

over 2 billion achievements. all thx to us xbox users . high five.

rogimusprime3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

not one of those achievements has yielded anything for the gamer. No free M$ points....nothing. I'm glad M$ can pat themselves on the back. Some achievements are really fun to get ( my xbox red ringed after beating Ninja Gaiden II on master mode), but others are there just for placeholders so you can play the game longer. It was a really innovative thing to do, but why have a gamerscore if it doesn't give the gamer anything but a fleeting sense of accomplishment?

I'm in the same boat with Trophies, even though it was rumored Sony was going to have some rewards for them.

I'd be nice if we got SOMETHING, say $500 MS points for every 2000 in gamerscore. Then you would REALLY see people playing and trying to get those achievements.

ShabzS3514d ago

i about free map packs for the game with 700+ points atleast... something to validate my time for SERIOUSLY killing 100,000 locusts dammit..

Elven63514d ago

rogimus: Us veteran gamers may remember the old spice promotion in 06 ;)

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GameOn3515d ago

150 per gamer is not that impressive. That's less than 1 fully completed arcade game.

HeavyweightInTheGame3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

OXM UK writes: "Xbox 360 gamers have unlocked a grand total of two and a half billion Achievements, according to Xbox boss Aaron Greenberg, earning 52 billion Gamerscore in the process.

I think what he means is that it's 150 achievements unlocked per gamer from the 2.5 billion achievements unlocked. Remember an arcade game has twelve achievements totaling 200 gamerscore. Thus the 2.5 billion totals 52 billion gamerpoints.

ShabzS3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

yah ^ what he said... they're talking about number of achievements not gamerpoints.

Karum3515d ago

Even still, that isn't a huge amount per person.

But we know it isn't going to be exactly like that. Some gamers will have unlocked a LOT more than 150

creeping judas3515d ago

one must also remember not all xbox's are connected to the internet. therefore yes the number seems low.

GameOn3514d ago

Well it must be the people who don't go on-line pulling the average down because it specifically states 150 gamerscore per gamer.

I'm on 11,875 myself.

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kss3515d ago

i hope i could unlock that thing in the picture

KionicWarlord2223515d ago

super high five ....something you cant reach. :)

ThanatosDMC3515d ago

Yep, i unlocked that one... hope you like sloppy seconds!

Nelson M3515d ago

No Balls in his Pants

Ha Ha

Give me 1 Bronze Trophy any day over 2.5 Billion Worthless Achievement points

KionicWarlord2223515d ago

im proud of my gamescore and xbox users should be proud too. 2 billion in three years ,lets make it 2 billion more in half that time!

Nelson M3515d ago

How you gonna do that when you got no games comming out in the next 5 years

Deadman643514d ago

Nelson since you likely have no clue what that picture is (you assume its a male with no balls) I'll let you in on a little hint. It's a girl and there's a vagina under there. No it doesn't have cooties.

Elven63514d ago

This is why they shouldn't let anyone under the age of 17 on N4G, he doesn't even know the female anatomy!

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ThanatosDMC3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Where do they sell these undies? Does anyone know? It'd be a nice gift for our chicas.

I all ready have a PS3 and 360 boxers from Kohl's or Kohls'... yeah, that place from my girl.