iPhone Racer Has Near PSP Quality Graphics

2XL Games have just released the first gameplay footage of their upcoming motorcycle racer 2XL Supercross and it is looking rather promising. The game has alegedly been built from scratch to fully take advantage of the iPhones graphics and physics processing abilities.

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Strife Lives3514d ago

I have an iphone and an N95 8gb,while the iphone has the ' flash ' factor,I find myself using my N95 more.Hope you guys that buy this game love playing it with the 'flash' factor,x ,circle,square and triagle buttons,wait a sec.ok,enjoy moving it !

FunAndGun3514d ago

looks OK, but I kinda got bored just watchin the video. I also can't get over the fact of having your thumbs on the screen. Good for the iphone though.

Software_Lover3514d ago

Unless the phone has some type of slide out keyboard/keypad. I love playing Mario bros 3 on my old att pocket pc phone. Touchscreen but with a slideout keypad that makes it easier to play.

I have no games for my eternity and like 2 games on my iphone.

mastiffchild3514d ago

I despise wasting time effort and money on iphone games. It's flogging a dead horse and it just isn't a game platform worth using.

No matter how good a game looks, how great the physics are-as long as you use a joypad on the touchscreen it's always beyond borked to me and I sympathise with people struggling to enjoy games on them I really do.

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The story is too old to be commented.