The Game Reviews: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

The Game Reviews writes: "Everyone's got their little idiosyncratic loves in life – those little things they just love despite every reason they shouldn't. For instance, I absolutely love gas station food. Pre-packaged sandwiches, beef jerky, hot dogs on those little rollers that have been there for hours; don't ask me why, I couldn't explain it to you. I'm sure you have something similar, so keep that in mind when thinking about Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The latest entry in the Star Ocean series from Japanese developer tri-Ace is horrendously stale, dated, and cliché to the point of absurdity. There's a million reasons why this game should be boring and completely unremarkable, but for some reason the game is so damn charming that players who are able to look past all its shortcomings will have a great time."

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Immortal Kaim3513d ago

I can't wait until this game is released in Aus... Anyone know the release date?

militant073513d ago

the game isnt really much worth it.
well, i loved ToV ,LO and ES more and story is weak on SO4. but great battle system and visuals