Dragon Ball Evolution - Goku vs Gohan video

Bandai Namco published a new video from Dragon Ball Evolution featuring the fight between Goku and Gohan.

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madmonkey03513d ago

theese guys are sure good at pumping out DBZ games, shame we havent had a half decent one in ages. my favourite DBZ game was the rpg one on the snes, i forget what it was called.

ThanatosDMC3513d ago

It plays like Another Road (PSP), which is a lot better than Burst Limit for the PS3...

Fox013513d ago

I hope the movie fails even harder than the Chun Li one.

Immortal Kaim3513d ago

I won't give my approval, only because this is sacrilege to the greatness that was BDZ...

Mandaspt3513d ago

LOL. I have to agree with you, they could do a much better game than this.

ThanatosDMC3513d ago

"Lame... Lame... Lame..." - Awesome-O (Cartman)

diefor3513d ago

This is the first Virtua Fighter? xd

KKanjiAnkh3512d ago

Lol, but don't spit on Sega's classic, compared to this wet dump.

kingjoker343513d ago

first when i heard about DBZ live action i was like, its sucks already (which it does) and the game looks even worse. looks like DBZ budokai 1 , with worse graphics, and gameplay.

big shadow3513d ago

My eyes were bleeding through the gameplay

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The story is too old to be commented.